Welcome to Corona Naturals Inc.. We are a small health and wellness advocacy group located in the North Okanagan.  We research, test, review and report on natural, organic, and effective herbal remedies regarding their effectiveness upon the human condition.  Public distrust of large pharmaceutical companies in recent years has driven the massive health market toward whole and natural remedies. There are more questions than answers!

Our fundamental belief is that if you want to stop experiencing the conditions you have, then you must stop creating the internal environment that allows them in the first place.

You will find on this site a lot of content related to what they force us to call “alternative medicine.”  That is kind of ironic that WE have to be called “alternative” when the Chinese have been practicing this kind of wellness for over 4,000 years.  The snake oil folks in Big Pharma came along in 1937 and drove many folks out of business – including the Hemp and Marijuana industries. Thankfully, these industries are today making a huge comeback. We like to cover some of the more obvious success stories in this matter.